Keeping Myself Accountable

“Hello World!”

Six years ago that phrase blared at me when I first opened my WordPress account. It’s the default title blog post that greets every WordPress user when they open an account. Starry-eyed and a few months shy of entering law school, I had big dreams for this blog.

I named it “Beyond 1L.” Fun. Interactive. Educational. Those were the themes I had in mind. This was to be THE definitive law students’ lifestyle blog. Explaining concepts. Getting around pesky professors…and pesky classmates. Landing that internship. Handling stress and anxiety. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Keeping yourself happy in a profession known for its high rate of misery. This is what this blog was supposed to be about.


But instead I found myself bogged down and struggling through law school. Add to that the discovery I have a learning disability (which I’m still kind of in denial about). Coupled with my anxiety. Altogether, it was only inevitable that this blog went ignored.

So why come back to this blog now? Well, because I’m tired. I’m tired of struggling. I’m tired of having skipped the bar exam so many times. I’m tired of leading a stagnant life. I’m tired of doing nothing. So I figured the only way I can be stopped from doing nothing, so that I can get over the hump and finally do something worthwhile, is if I have the public’s help keeping me accountable. Even if it’s through invisible eyes. That’s why I write this blog.

So I can’t promise this blog will be what it originally intended to be. In fact, there’s a 99.9% chance it won’t. For now, it’s a place where I put my thoughts to paper. To change my inner dialogue. A place for me to impress my subconscious mind from being my enemy to being my friend.

Getting over the hump is a struggle when you don’t have the right help

So if you stumbled upon this blog and stay, thanks for keeping an eye on me =). If my content is helpful to you, that’s only a bonus. Welcome aboard.


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