Isn’t it Wonderful!

Isn't it wonderful to know that I am god, 
that I possessed his power within me all along. 
To create or to destroy.
To be rich or be poor.
To possess health beyond my wildest dream
or that of a sickly girl or boy.
Radiating love with no boundaries. 
I can create all that  
because the power is within me. 

Caught unaware of this power, 
I become separate from my authentic self: 
The creator, the lover, 
the adventurous sweet soul  
possessing a genetically blessed body
Poked and prodded daily by the poisons of logic, 
perceived bad events, and well meaning others.
Soon each poison adopted like a cut
killing you, killing me...killed by a thousand cuts.
But how wonderful it is going past all that!
Going past what the senses tell you...or tell me.

For I am the god of my creation.
For what I created I can undo and create again;
A world that conforms to my liking
I just need to go within.
Go within and feel it real,
Until I possess that which I am.
Walking from that state,
Reacting from that state,
Unaffected by the world of Caesar.
Isn't it wonderful! 
I remember when I became that person, 
my powerful authentic self. 

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