Story: “Love Conquered this Sh*t” Part 1

A story series of one woman’s journey of gaining health and finding true purpose in life.

Chapter 1 – The End

The grit of wet sand caught underneath my feet as I was taking a walk along the beach with my husband. Hand-in-hand I felt the sinews of his worked hands upon mine as he encircled his thumb in my palm. Cozy.

On the other side of me was my little son. And in that moment I could only feel — the slightly calloused and strong hand of my husband on one side and the soft, tender, little hand of my son on the other. The gentle breeze of ocean mist caressing my hair.

Walks on the beach are a favorite pastime of ours.

As much as I could feel I could also see. I saw our shadows. The shadows of a happy family in unison, just like I always dreamed as a girl. But this time it was real, very real as the senses would have it.

It all came together when a passerby came and remarked, “What a beautiful family you have!” My husband and I turning to acknowledge her with a “Thank you!”.

I knew it was miraculous to have what I have after the hell I had been through. A hell that very few would understand. But I always declared to myself even in the darkest of days, “I am a miracle and miracles happen to me all the time!” I am a miracle indeed.

The deal was sealed when my husband turned to me afterwards and said, “Mi amor, she says we’re beautiful, just like you!” With a kiss in my ear, feeling his warm parched lips and smell of cologne and sea breeze upon my cheek.

Isn’t it wonderful!


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