A Picture of Health

Being healthy means ________________.

What came up for you as you read that?

For me a few things came to mind:

  • being able to eat whatever the f*ck I want and feel fine long afterwards
  • being happy
  • possessing all the markers of fertility
  • having lots of energy

Did food come to mind at all when you read that first statement?

Now, if I asked, “In order to be healthy you must _________________.”

What did you fill that blank with?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you filled that blank with something food or fitness related. I can only imagine the possibilities such as “you must…..

  • exercise at least 30 minutes a day.”
  • eat healthy.”
  • stay the hell away from gluten.”
  • relax.”
  • have great genetics!”

All good responses. Though I would think that if you said “eat healthy” that is very vague for what defines “healthy” food is bioindivideal at best. For some individuals, all foods are ‘healthy’ for their bodies remain vibrant while doing so. For others, they must stay away from certain foods in order to maintain their health. Does that make the first group, who can maintain health eating almost anything, healthier than the other group who must avoid?

Are these two cooking personalities healthier….

Why is it that other can get away with good health eating whatever, while others cannot? You may answer they just have great genes. That their genes protect them from environmental factors, like the glycopvhosphates and lectins found in many foods.

…than the paleo gods?

Beyond that though, if you are a follower of Neville Goddard, their imagination created the health that they enjoy. For if they imagined all food being good for their body, that’s how their body will receive the food. Hard to believe right?

Our conscious mind often adopts the beliefs of others, what we hear and see and can impress it on the subconscious. If we were told grains are bad, it might be soon enough that our subconscious adopted that belief and created such events that made it so. I see it with myself.

I was always told I’m very ‘sensitive.’ I adopted that belief. I also adopted the belief that “I have shit genetics.” And circumstances conformed in my life that made it so. I had digestive issues growing up. The foods I could tolerate gradually became less. First dairy. Then gluten. Then soy. When I eliminated those and a whole host of other foods like eggs, nuts, nightshades, seeds, refined sugar, etc. I actually felt better. But I had low self-esteem and wanted to feel part of the tribe. The tribe of my family. So I self-sabotaged my efforts. And it all came to a head on April 7, 2019 when, on what would’ve been my grandmother’s 96th birthday, my body suddenly became intolerant/allergic/sensitive to just about every food. Half my body went numb that day after ingesting a coconut smoothie at work and I haven’t been the same since as eating just about any food, even herbs, would also cause a similar response or an adverse immune response like tingling, followed by what appears to be muscle-wasting.

So in my case, my body has seen just about every “healthy” food as an enemy.

My case may not be the case for you. But it’s certainly something to think about. Especially as everyone is you pushed-out.

Health for me ultimately is the state of the mind or the state of consciousness that is your dwelling place. To figure it out, see what is your predominant mood throughout the day, the week, the year, for that is your dwelling place. Doesn’t matter the size or shape you come in.


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