COVID-19 Interior Design

I’ve been watching a lot of renovation shows recently and with my sister having self-quarantined due to a fever, it got me thinking about the design of family homes in this age of social distancing.

There wasn’t so much worry as it was inconvenience when my family found out she had to self-quarantine. With the two of us sharing the bathroom that meant lots of Lysol and disinfecting the toilet after every use. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if the toilet seat automatically disinfected itself? Short of that, you could always wrap it in Saran Wrap.

Really though, short of having a separate in-law suite, how would families or roommates keep distance if one of them had to self-quarantine for a time…at least without becoming too paranoid?

Enter COVID Interior Design — where everything is at least six feet apart.

  • hallways –> at least 6 feet wide
  • stairs –> at least 6 feet wide
  • master bedroom –> we’re going 1950s sitcom style with separate beds
  • landings –> at least 6 feet wide
  • room doors –> at least 6 feet apart [this was an issue when my sister go sick as their was only 3 feet between our doors]
  • kitchen –> much harder. lets go with designated meal delivery on this one
Hungry GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Hurry-up! I’m hungry!
  • bathroom –> each room would have access to its own separate bathroom, complete with automatic disinfecting spray and heated toilet seats

So overall, the design would look something like this:

Something you can imagine into reality. Realistically though, a neighborhood with COVID-19 design in mind wouldn’t likely happen. Not because it’s impossible. Anything is possible. But because the likelihood of a collective of people imagining a neighborhood where everything is set 6 feet apart is small.

It’s fun to imagine it real though. And if enough people did, it won’t be long where we do have neighborhoods where everything inside and out is set 6 feet apart.


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