COVID-19 Interior Design

I’ve been watching a lot of renovation shows recently and with my sister having self-quarantined due to a fever, it got me thinking about the design of family homes in this age of social distancing. There wasn’t so much worry as it was inconvenience when my family found out she had to self-quarantine. With the […]

Isn’t it Wonderful!

Isn’t it wonderful to know that I am god, that I possessed his power within me all along. To create or to destroy. To be rich or be poor. To possess health beyond my wildest dream or that of a sickly girl or boy. Radiating love with no boundaries. I can create all that because […]


I am that I am. When I close my eyes and say it, it looks more like I AM that I AM. Faceless. Formless. I am anything. I am nothing. I am the creator of my own life. As I sit and be still in the silence I am washed over by comfort knowing that […]